At Pineberry, we manufacture a variety of systems for affixing and gluing media together simple and very accurate. From simply gluing gift cards to a car key or carrier, or other specialty media like magnets, coupons, pharmaceutical onserts/inserts, or even to a more complex full mailing and fulfillment solution; Pineberry offers truly modular systems to meet your needs.

Our Card Affixer CA 10000 is an operator friendly system that requires minimal setup and changeover time. Its touch screen controls allow for easy set up and changeover of jobs. Moreover, this is a card affixing system manufactured for your budget.

We also feature simple tip-on/affixing feeders that can be integrated and speed matched onto folders, folder gluers, mailing bases and more.


  • Applications:

    • Plastic cards onto gift card backers or letters
    • Magnets or promotional pieces onto books
    • Affixing samples onto signatures
    • Affixing pharmaceutical leaflets together, onto cartons or bottles
    • Packing slips onto a carton
    • Mailing system for credit cards and loyalty cards
    • Odd shape and size affixing such and sample pouches, car keys, USB sticks, etc.
  • Features:

    • All anodized aluminum framework
    • All stainless-steel shafting
    • Patent pending gear-driven singulating mechanism
    • Servo motor and drive
    • All permanently lubricated ball bearing journals
    • FDA-design features are standard
  • Material sizes:

    • Minimum: 2.5" W X 2.5" L (63.5 mm X 63.5 mm)
    • Maximum Length: 14” (356 mm)
    • Maximum Width: 8”/12”/16”/20”/24” (203 mm, 304 mm, 508 mm)
  • Material thicknesses:

    • .003" up to .31"* (.07mm up to 7.8mm)

    *up tp 1" (25mm available)

  • Dispensing speed:

    • Variable 3,000 inches per minute
  • Power requirements:

    • 110V or 220V
  • Options:

    • Simple affixing feeder or fully automated system
    • Alignment & in-line creasing
    • Inkjet printing on cards and carriers using DOD, CIJ and HP© Technology
    • Magnetic stripe encoding
    • Hot melt glue or tape
    • Barcode scanning
    • Camera inspection & verification (OCR or 1D/2D barcodes)
    • Velocity/target tracking
    • PLC/PC interface
    • Automated Mailing
    • Automated batch counting and packaging


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