Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. offers a robust SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Card Packaging Line for the telecommunications and cellular industry.

The SIM Card Packaging Line is an innovative Affixing System for the application of SIM cards to a carrier. A Pineberry Friction Feeder feeds a die cut carrier onto the Pineberry vacuum transport. A second Pineberry Friction Feeder affixes SIM cards (CR 80 size or similar) utilizing a glue system. Once each SIM card has been dispensed through the feeder’s exit, Pineberry can add an optional label applicator to the SIM Card Packaging system were the SIM card will travel under an integrated drop-on-demand inkjet print head where a UPS code (or other code) will be printed either on the label or SIM card package. Once complete, the SIM Card Packaging system will have an integrated Pineberry folding module to automatically fold the SIM cards. With the successful print on each CR 80 SIM card, the SIM card package will then be transferred from the vacuum transport conveyor to a Pineberry supplied batch shingling conveyor where the finished SIM cards will be batch shingled into a pre-determined preset count in preparation for the manual removal process of the final packaging process. Pineberry can add an optional banding system at the end of the line where operators could band the SIM cards into various batch counts.

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  • Applications:

    • SIM Cards
    • Plastic cards
    • Card activation codes/labels
    • Barcodes and coding
    • Date and lot coding
    • Phone cards
    • Personalization and addressing
    • Scratch off labels and labelling
    • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Features:

    • Automated affixing with friction feeders
    • Drop-on-demand inkjet print head
    • Automatic packaging
    • Vacuum and shingling transport conveyor
    • Camera systems for verification
    • Automated tabber fold to seal packages
  • Material Sizes:

    • CR 80 size cards* (larger or smaller sizes available)
  • Material Thickness:

    • 10 mil – 50 mil
  • Dispensing Speed:

    • 10,000 to 12,000 per hour  
  • Power Requirements:

    • 220V single phase
    • Other amperage available
  • Options:

    • Larger than CR80 card sizes available
    • Label applicator
    • Inkjet printer
    • Glue system
    • Pineberry automated folding module(s)
    • Pineberry automated banding system
    • Camera verification
    • RFID
    • Serialization and track and trace


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